Asia Traffic Supply Co., Ltd. Shines in Taiwantrade's VR Pavilion / Made in Taiwan Automotive Parts Ignition & Coil Manufacturer | Asia Traffic Supply Co., Ltd.

VR 2024

VR 2024

Asia Traffic Supply Co., Ltd. Shines in Taiwantrade's VR Pavilion

Asia Traffic Supply Co., Ltd. is thrilled to announce our participation in Taiwantrade's Auto Parts VR Pavilion, which officially launched on May 31, 2024, and will be live for six months until November 30, 2024. You can visit the VR pavilion at to explore our latest products.

The Auto Parts VR Pavilion is an innovative online exhibition platform where users can navigate through the stunning Aurora Path surrounded by icebergs by simply scrolling up and down with their mouse or virtual wheel. This immersive experience features high-quality products from 16 auto parts manufacturers, including engine parts, tires, car air conditioning systems, body parts, interior accessories, maintenance and cleaning products, and more.

In this VR pavilion, we are proud to showcase our latest automotive ignition coils, horns, and distributor caps. This virtual exhibition not only allows us to display our outstanding products and technology but also enhances our brand visibility in the international market. We believe this opportunity will bring us more business prospects and potential partners.

Beyond our products, the VR pavilion offers a wide range of automotive components and accessories. Driving the TT Pioneer Express, you will experience the thrill of racing through the Antarctic Aurora Path and interact with adorable penguins, adding a touch of fun to your exploration.

We extend our gratitude to Taiwantrade for providing this innovative and engaging platform. We look forward to leveraging such events to further promote the advancement and development of the automotive parts industry.

14 Jun, 2024 Asia Traffic

Asia Traffic Supply Co., Ltd. Shines in Taiwantrade's VR Pavilion | 50 Years of Ignition Coil, Motorcycle Ignition Coil, Outboard Ignition Coil Manufacturer in Taiwan | Asia Traffic Supply Co., Ltd.

Located in Taiwan since 1968, Asia Traffic Supply Co., Ltd. has been a leading ignition coil manufacturer in automotive and motorcycle parts industry. Their main products, including Asia Traffic Supply Co., Ltd. Shines in Taiwantrade's VR Pavilion, Ignition Coils, Motorcycle Ignition Coils, Electric Horns, Ignition Modules, Spark Plug Cap, etc.

ISO9001 and patented 262 types of automotive ignition coil, 52 types of motorcycle ignition coils and 134 types of electric horns for your selection. High performance ignition module with competitive price; electric horns and spark plug caps with various sizes. Asia Traffic Supply Company has dedicated to the development of automotive parts, always prided ourselves on the quality of products and services.

Asia Traffic has been offering customers high-quality ignition coils, both with advanced technology and 55 years of experience, Asia Traffic ensures each customer's demands are met.