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Please recognize SAKURA HORN red package.

Please recognize SAKURA HORN red package.

SAKURA Brand Horn

SAKURA Brand Horn has been distributed worldwide since 1972

Asia Traffic Supply Company obtained SAKURA brand trademark in 1972.

Asia Traffic Supply Company aimed at domestic locomotive market, as a supplier of YAMAHA MOTOR TAIWAN and KYMCO. Since 1979, we have exported SAKURA horn for motorcycle and automobile worldwide. Until now, SAKURA horn is still the best choice for audible warning devices.

Cover Diameter : 66mm、72mm、81mm、90mm、100mm


SAKURA Horn Presents The Spirit Of Craftsmen.

Passed the half of century, Sakura Horn keeps its original entrepreneurship which dedicates to 100% made in Taiwan. We choose the best material and lower-pollution processes to take responsibility for the environment, to accomplish CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Moreover, the automated equipments are utilized for quality measurement to make horns sound more precise and accurate in order to meet the modern trend.

Have more than 50 years manufacturing experience, we still expect ourselves to present the spirit of craftsmen. Therefore, Sakura Horn was assigned as a supplier of YAMAHA MOTOR Taiwan (YMT). Besides, customers described that Sakura Horn was manufactured of exquisite and delicate in detail on, Taiwan motor club website. Sakura horn not only makes pure and clear sound but also makes horn lower-vibrating to take care of consumer's feeling.

Asia Traffic always strives for pursuing perfect quality of our products. Customers also have confidence in our professional technology and believe in product quality assurance.

SAKURA Brand Horn Was Distributed To Japan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, South Africa And The United States.

Since 1979, we have exported motorcycle horn and motorcycle ignition coil to Japan and the United States. In the 1980s, we started to sell our products to Indonesia, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Malaysia and South Africa. In 1992, Taichung plant was built to supply automobile ignition coil and outboard ignition coil. We successfully sold auto parts to Canada, Central and South America and other countries. More overseas markets expanded in 1994 such as, Thailand and Palau. In 1995, we invested in Vietnam KSV company. In addition to providing technical guidance, we sold horn parts for its own manufacturing. Since 1997, France MBK, motorcycle and automobile manufacturers in Italy, Spain and other countries have cooperated with us. They visited Taiwan to evaluate our R & D and manufacturing capabilities. After that, we expanded our export market to Greece, Egypt, Australia and other countries, built the foundation for 80% export sales.

After moving to Nangang Industrial Park in 2016, the company has developed a series of new horns for electric bicycles and forklift truck. Our products were distributed to Europe, the United States and other countries.

SAKURA Brand Horn Pass 100% Performance Test

From production to delivery, SAKURA horn is under strict quality control by automatically monitoring the audio quality.

SAKURA Brand Horn 100% Made in Taiwan


Comparison of Sound Test between Horn and Buzzer

AH-224C SAKURA Horn Sound

AH-368EGO SAKURA Horn Sound

AH-368-8 SAKURA Horn Sound

AH-216D SAKURA Horn Sound

AH-212A SAKURA Horn Sound

AH-221D SAKURA Horn Sound

AH-221HE SAKURA Horn Sound

SAKURA Brand Horn | Made in Taiwan Automotive Parts Ignition & Coil Manufacturer | Asia Traffic Supply Co., Ltd.

Located in Taiwan since 1968, Asia Traffic Supply Co., Ltd. has been a leading ignition coil manufacturer in automotive and motorcycle parts industry. Their main products, including SAKURA Brand Horn, Ignition Coils, Motorcycle Ignition Coils, Electric Horns, Ignition Modules, Spark Plug Cap, etc.

ISO9001 and patented 262 types of automotive ignition coil, 52 types of motorcycle ignition coils and 134 types of electric horns for your selection. High performance ignition module with competitive price; electric horns and spark plug caps with various sizes. Asia Traffic Supply Company has dedicated to the development of automotive parts, always prided ourselves on the quality of products and services.

Asia Traffic has been offering customers high-quality ignition coils, both with advanced technology and 55 years of experience, Asia Traffic ensures each customer's demands are met.